From the Deepest recesses of the Delta Quadrant...


New Messages have arrived after Three Light-Years travel...


With a Urgent Warning for all mankind...









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Eleven New Compositions

My fourth solo album

Recorded at Welborn Studios March 2010 to April 2013

©2013 Thomas Theodore Welborn

Album or individual track available for download

from all major online music retailers

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Mark my words you have been warned

The day grows near so sound the horn


Take up the cry across the land

“Be assimilated” or take a stand


No middle ground to acquiesce

No truce is sworn on our behest


No battle lines drawn in the sand

“Be assimilated” or take a stand


So what’s it worth this life of yours?

Shall freedom die or long endure?


Will all succumb to corporate lust?

Or will we rise – do what we must


The corporate beast devours unchecked

Till all engulfed and all is wrecked


This place called home once lost is lost

And can’t go back at any cost


So here we are before the gate

One chance to choose momentous fate


And stop the beast - it’s not too late!

If together joined in purpose great


To dream a world so fine and grand

That we can make if we take a stand


Resistance is not futile, see

If vision, hope and courage be


The things you place within your heart;

And give your best there to impart


The corporate techno SmorgasBORG

Has no regrets and is not torn

By doubts or guilt or sympathy

Its lust for more is all it sees


It’s blinded by its own reflection

Oblivious to introspection

Calculating profit/loss

It’s not programmed top see the cost


In human suffering and pain

(Just) “Collateral Damage” to its gain

Meaningless, beyond its sight

It lives to grow and flex its might


And none will be spared of its grasp

If we do nothing, all will collapse

Or burn in thermo-nuclear gore

Where none remain to keep the score


The cataclysm can be debated

But all will lose if not abated

“You will be assimilated”

Or cast aside as unrelated


To profit-margin-techno-plans

By which they mean to rape the land

And take and take till naught remains


To worry our diminished brains

And as worker drones we’ll thank them for

The chance to be a SmorgasBORG


©2013 Thomas Theodore Welborn














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