Poems for Days to Come





Post- Humous

Live life like lost love is found

Like every moments another round,

Like the blind now see

Like a caged bird free,

Live life like you dream to be


Live life like it’s a lonely friend

Like every day will be the end,

Like a alien that just touched down

On the good green earth you now have found


Like all gifts that we receive

Live life like though once deceived,

Like now the light you first perceived

Like in the moment you first believed


Live life whether you stand or fall

Like this the day you heed the call,

Like no other, no better, no how

Live life here and in the now


Like once said,” Imagine Peace”

Live life like you’ll never cease,

To wonder and appreciate

This day that never duplicates



And when it’s gone you well can say,

You lived life like it should be done

Like all as one beneath the sun


A life so lived will show the way

That those to come won’t have to pay,

Will learn the love that they may take

“is equal to the love we make”


Live life like in Evermore

That place of peace on distant shore

And know the joy of sacred grace

Where all shall know the time and place


“Be Here Now”

With eyes that see

The meaning of Eternity.        


Thomas Theodore Welborn





Hope Eternal


Walk beside me on the sands of time

Hand in hand we recite each rhyme

Look together at the golden dawn

Watch unfold the fates we’ve drawn


Moments of wonder moments of joy

In love’s embrace, O’ raptured sea

Moonlit tides and silent bliss

Fulfilled divine eternity


Though this mortal shell shall pass

What dwells within shall ever last

And every heart in Evermore

Will reach that dreamt of golden shore


Here hardships fall and sorrows rage

To be no more when turned the page

When all our dreams will be fulfilled

Each cherished memory with us still


And nought will take away our bliss

As every night ends with your kiss

A prayer of hope we cast to sea

On the endless tides of eternity.


Thomas Theodore Welborn




Music to God’s Ears


In the melodic interleave of harmonic resonance

Is found the quest and the grail

That seeks to lead from the profane mendacity

Up to the soaring heights

If only for a moment,

To reach the noumentality








“Blessed are the Peacemakers.”


In the inspired moment,

The dexterous dance

Of instrument, mind, and heart,

Where virtuosity and genius

Attain their highest aspiration,

At that blessed union of purpose and intent,

Expression of the gift that is Life

Finds its voice.



Thomas Theodore Welborn





Once we lay upon emerald hills

Gazing skyward in the night

Questing, requesting of our God

To know, to be, to see

What heaven holds

On this side and the other

What’s out there…

What’s in store…and more

Do we matter

Are you there

Does anyone care

If we come or go?


When we face the mirror do we truly see

Is that image myself

Or your eyes looking back at me

And all those stars

Such distant firelight

Do others lay upon emerald hills

Gazing skyward in the night 

And dream dreams of me.


                                         Thomas Theodore Welborn




The Author of Creation


There is no doubt

The beauty of a flower

Evolved so bees

Would be well pleased

To spend part of an hour


Yet in the end

How to begin this notion…

Could we say that

Life’s where it’s at

Because we had an ocean?


Or is there more

Who knows the score?

The secret of creation

Is there a way

That we can say

Our ultimate relation


If God IS God

And not a dream gone sour

Then could it be

What we can’t see

Is hidden by his power


Until the day

That He appointed

Will be revealed

No more concealed

Confused, abused, disjointed


THEN we will know

The author of creation

And every head

No more in dread

Will bow, a holy nation.


Thomas Theodore Welborn



The Ballad of Burt and Ernie


Like the Phoenix yet no fable

From the ashes you arise

A tiny dreamer’s just one thought

For you were born to fly

Fate so cruel sometimes it seems

It makes you want to cry

Young and helpless all alone

Two brothers wait to die

Yet in steps Love another chance

To make it to the light

To feel the air rush through your wings

To soar in fearless flight


All efforts made to raise you up

To keep you from despair

Alas it seems not meant to be

Despite our love and care

We can’t know why God called you up

To put on angel’s wings

But you’ll always be inside our hearts

Where we hear you sweetly sing…


“I will fly up to the mountains”

“I will soar above the seas”

“And I won’t forget all that you did

“To try and set me free”

“On angel’s wing in heaven”

“So cry no tears for me”

“I am flying to the mountains”

“I am soaring above the sea.”


Thomas Theodore Welborn

                                                                                                     Aug. 10th 2001                       




What Love Endures


As if…still…in the dark

Beside the hearth of the first flame

Eons…or moments…ago

In the flickering light

In the glow of that soothing warmth

Glimpsed our shadows on the stone walls

So much larger than ourselves

And peered into the mysteries

We drank the sorcerer’s brew

Seeing visions of Man-Gods

That fly on silver wings

Hearing voices from tiny metal boxes

With the power to destroy the world

In their soft manicured hands.


There by that first hearth

We laughed the same

Spoke kind and harsh words the same

Hated what we didn’t understand

And loved what we did, the same


Even if we do know a little more now…


Thomas Theodore Welborn





Where is God?


All the time I hear they say

The world is just our place to play

There is no reckoning to come

So go ahead and get you some


An accident of time and place

Twas chemicals create our race

No mind beyond the human brain

No reason why we should refrain


From all our evil heart’s desires

Our putrid pleasures never tire

No matter what we leave behind

What kind of world our children find


And those who claim to serve His Glory

In their hearts are just as gory

No values but hypocrisy

Hid behind a bloody tree (Cross)


So where is God the all in all

Does he hear us when we call?

Does he know how hard we fight?

Is he with us in the night?


No answer quick will satisfy

Unless by faith you verify

There is a higher purpose here

And know someday it will be clear


No proof will pass the litmus test

Unless by love you’re hearts at rest

And from that place of peace within

You seek the Truths that never end


No sign or vision you’ll receive

Unless by hope you do believe

That every man is God’s own son

But once there came the anointed One


Who bore the Truth that we might see

The way that we were meant to be

And know that God is Love and Light

In everything that’s good and right

So seek not for his golden throne

God’s everywhere in every home

In every heart and bended knee

That’s how he is revealed to thee


A “still small voice” that you can hear

Within your heart when it is ‘clear’

Of sin and hate and lust and greed

And that’s all the proof you’ll ever need.


Thomas Theodore Welborn






In the individual, In the normative

The reason to be, the lies we tell ourselves

Self-reliant masters, slave to the herd

We hero worship, we devour our heros

As Icons of the Ideal, dealt with accordingly


One voice echoes alone, amid the caca-phonies

A single minded will against the plurality of the massed

“Purity of heart is to will one thing only.”-Thomas Merton

Democracy in action equals equally wrong?

NOTHING to show for a million years of struggle?


Or is there a better way…a ’Way’…that leads…to wisdom?

Salvation by self –strangulation; or can we all agree…no.

The fruit of an ancient vine has ‘matured’, now, overripe

Will be picked and pressed through the sieve of our ignorance

It will be…a bitter harvest.


And is there hope? 

Can any one thing, person, event,

Change this world of Woe-mongers?

Sure. No problem…God? Are you listening?


“…We need you now. We can’t fight alone against the monster.”

-        John Kay of Steppenwolf 1970


Yet if it must be,

We, or at least I,

Will fight alone

“to the last man”

Just call me Don Quixotic.



Thomas Theodore Welborn




Creation Myth


In the beginning I thought I knew it all

It took a while to confirm I DID AND I DO.


 In the beginning life was a math problem to be solved

It took a while to calculate but I DID AND I DO.


In the beginning women were irresistibly drawn to me

It took a while to fight them off but I DID AND I DO.


In the beginning I thought I had no need for money

It took a while to figure out but I DID AND I DO.


In the beginning I knew that I was destined for fame

Oh well you can’t win them all.


Thomas Theodore Welborn





I was once in a place

Where dreams were real

The sun shone

Its perfect warmth

Sky above

A blue jewel

The whole earth

A happy nest

To breath the air

Clean and sweet

Of honeysuckle

And mountain azaleas

Walking in woods and fields

Awakened the joy of discovery

The sense of adventure

Of challenge, quest

Of ‘the mission’

Or sitting alone by the rock wall

Feeling the sun’s rays on my face

Stroking the fur of my faithful dog

Or just sitting there

On the surface of the earth

A small creature

Semi-self aware

Having glimpsed

The magnitude of creation

And yet,

There on that ground


I was ‘connected’…

The dream and the real


An illusion to believe otherwise.

Pounding heart

Blood rushing through veins

Oxygen feeding cells

Maintaining consciousness

In the place where dreams

Become real

Transforms by ‘vision’

The ‘Quality’ seeker

That leads by example to a place called home.


Thomas Theodore Welborn






One Day  One Day  One Day

The day will come

Someday  someday  someday

Thy Will Be Done


Somehow  Somehow  Somehow

It all will be

Just now  just now  just now

We try to see


The sun  the sun  the Son

The way revealed

The Light  the Light  the Light

No more concealed


A dawn  a dawn  a dawn

Will come for all

And joy  and joy  and joy

For those who heed the call


A place  a place  a place

We all can go

A time  a time  a time

When we will know


On E-Day  On E-Day  On E-Day

(not ebay)

On E-Day  On E-Day  On E-Day…

 (The day of Enlightenment)


         Thomas Theodore Welborn






The lens of memory reflects the colors of our life

The days and nights spent in pursuit of the elusive

The ephemeral diamond moment of authentic beatific

The laserbeam lucidity in languid sanguine zen

The prostrate mnemonic of spectral sacramental

The unspeakable eloquent elopement in the now

The fractal eternal recurrence at the macroscopic

The sudden epiphany that parlays the parsimonious


The sunlight on her hair through the prism of love

The meaning, the moment, the magic moon rises overhead

The first, the last, the in-between, where two are one

The reason, the rhythm, the rest of it, the best of it

The frugal fastidious fruitfulness of falling fast asleep

The way, the wonder, the why, the window of time

And all in all, the big and small, who heed the call

Who see the dawn however distant…or prismatic.


Thomas Theodore Welborn



Spirit of Pisces


O’ Spirits sailing across the universal sea of dreams

Lift the veil and peer beyond the squalid pale

To catch a glimpse of “Authentic Life”

So much more than instinctive vices

Or the waking numbness of our own devices


Exiled desolate wretched poor

Castaways from Evermore

Spirits, spirits everywhere

Yet no one knows and no one cares

World that lost its sanity

Eyes for only lusts and greed

Alone amid the huddled masses

Cacophony of terror crashes

On decimated polluted shores

Of a depleted ocean foul abhorred

We’ve soiled our bed till none can stand

The stench of air; the wasted land

Yet there is a way to get back home

To sail amid the waves and foam


It will require a change of course

A new beginning without remorse

To leave behind what should never had been

And join together as brothers and friend


From callous heart and evil deed

From Corporate filth and honored greed

From sacrilege and profanity

We sail to find the sacred sea


To the spirit world from which we came

And to which we return again

The path of men has led astray

Till on the land we cannot stay

To Havens Gray we must return

To remember all we failed to learn

The spirit sea now calls the lost

We must return at any cost


No matter what we leave behind

 Its up to us the stars to find

That guide us to that happy place

Where light and truth by all embrace

Where freedoms not a hollow sound

Where peace at last again is found

To Havens Gray on distant shore

We shall return to Evermore


O’ creatures of the shrouded sea

Forgotten source of all we see

Raise the sails! Of need must go!

To cure the ills of a world of woe

But far too late for fated world

The wrath of God will soon unfurl

No brave of heart or strong of hand

Can stop the curse upon this land


We have one course before us now

To find where Love can show us how

To make anew this human race

In a kinder gentler spirit place

Beyond the waves beyond the crests

Take up again the ancient quest

Become as one in harmony

Beneath the Garden’s sacred tree


Fish out of water must return

To sea or like the others burn

Atlantis may have been its name

In ancient tongues the sound the same

A memory that’s lost all trace

Yet may have been a actual place

For us a hope for which to steer

That someday all will be made clear


To a spirit world, a spirit sea

Where spirit souls will be set free

To Havens Gray we make for home

Where children fearless, free to roam

In piety our hearts are pured

And anima-evil hearts are cured

To claim the inner path anew

That’s sadly taken by so few


Across the spirit sea we go

And where it leads we cannot know

But with spirit all around you see

It’s not so hard to love, to be


The way that we were meant to go

The Way of Truth again will know


Across the pure and Holy Sea

Forever to be one with Thee.


 Thomas Theodore Welborn





Fast upon the blush of spring

And the flush of newness

Summer comes again

Sweet sweet summer

The golden age of every year

The ripening glorious green

Against the sparkling cloudless sky

Bearing forth its fruits,

Nectars, its stupendous bounty

Its long endless days

And star filled nights


We spent many nights, as children,

Under the summer firmament

We were the children of summer

Free and easy, without cares or fears

Living on the fullness of life itself

And the joy of each gentle breeze

A summer that seemed would last forever



But late August comes

And then you feel

A change coming, again

The magnanimous dark green

Slowly yields to more and more yellows

As the harvest time comes…again


In the end, we cannot capture summer

It must go- to come again

To be new again.


Thomas Theodore Welborn



Follow Your Heart


The days of our lives

Like the soul must be worked in season

If ever to bear fruit

And sweetly ripen there


The hours roll on by

Like the river’s flow never ceasing

We watch but cannot still

No matter how we will


So follow your heart

And never regret its leading

No one truly knows

Where or why we go


And cast off your fears

It’s only our love that matters

Make this day the best

And leave out all the rest


For we will find our meaning

The reason we are here

And all will be made clear

For life is like a season

We know that it must end

Yet ever it begins



Thomas Theodore Welborn




©Thomas Theodore Welborn 2013