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This , my second solo album,  A Yin for Yang ,  released worldwide  5-30-09


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As of Sat 5/30/09 I have uploaded my new album,  A Yin for Yang  for worldwide release through Rebeat Digital Music Distribution Services. It should hit most online portals in from 5 to 90 days ( iTunes the slowest ). This album reflects the severe dichotomy of my musical predilections- one say, the ‘Yin’ appeases my taste for orchestration and the beauty and power of choirs; the other, the ‘Yang’ expresses my background in Rock and Progressive Rock as a Drummer.  I hope you may find enjoyment in both.  The album, consisting of ten tracks, was recorded at Welborn Studios, near Auburn Ky. USA between Jan. 2008 and May 2009  All Songs or Compositions, and all parts therein Written, Performed, Arraigned, Recorded, Engineered, Produced, and Mastered by TTW.  ©TTW® 2009  A Yin for Yang


Thomas Theodore Welborn




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